Instructors and Practitioners

Cathy Ingham is a landscape architect, massage therapist, certified permaculture practitioner and entrepreneur. During her career as a landscape architect, she has worked on projects ranging from large planned development communities to tiny courtyard gardens. In her early years, she studied massage therapy while working on landscape and garden design jobs. In 1998, Cathy made the decision to start her own business- now known as Garden Dreams. You can see many of her creations on the web site While having the garden business required letting go of the massage therapy practice. Cathy always knew there would come a time when she could marry these two seemingly unrelated arts and create something wonderful. That creation is now beginning to bloom with Green Planet Sanctuary.

Stania Sestak Krumal is one of the few Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioners /EEMCP/ in Houston and the state of Texas. By her original education from Czech Republic she is a Doctor of Natural Science-RNDr /applied Geophysics/.
After coming to Texas in 1997 she followed her dream and received her “License To Touch” and became a Licensed Massage Therapist/RMT/ and started her own practice.
While searching for her “nitch” within the vast variety of Body-Mind Modalities she has widened her practice with more or less advanced hands-on trainings in Reflexology, Reiki, Tragger Approach Work, Aromatherapy, Quantum Touch as well as a few others. Stania, realizing how deeply she loves and believes with the fact that “Energy is all there is” has taken on this scientific approach to energy healing as in Eden Energy Medicine founded by Donna Eden. At the core of E.E.M. practice is mastering energy.
Stania loves to educate her clients about the “Miracle” of our body and it’s energy functioning and how to take care of it. Just recently she added to her cleansing and energizing modalities, natural herbal wraps with more immediate and visible results with an optional short Guided Breathing Meditation. But her first love remains applying her knowledge of energy flow into deeply relaxing energy massage therapy sessions within her peaceful and sacred space located here at the beautiful Green Planet Sanctuary. To schedule an appointment contact Stania at 713-253-4208 or
My “It Works” website: (Some more of my “Energy Support Tool/Products”)

Maria Mihaylova: Licensed Eshtetician
Maria studied first in Bulgaria, in 1997, then in Houston in
2003. She has also taken classes in London. Maria specialized in anti-aging and anti-acne treatment, especially in professional exfoliation such as microdermabrassion, hydradermabrassion, chemical and enzyme peels.

She has given classes in many cities, and was invited by New York Times to shoot 25 videos for their site about home made skin care, Maria is also the opening trainer of the Canuan Spa in the Carribians. Pretty cool, ha!:)

Maria uses all natural products, which are clinical grade, no animal testing. Her main thing has always been to approach specific needs, and not to charge a leg and an arm for it. And due to her ridiculous amount of research, She has been able to come up with treatments and products that not only are the best on the market, but also the best prices in Houston. And that is really not a selling point, but the truth.