Saving Deer Park Prairie Land!!!

Hello all,
Please help us do something very important that takes less than 5 minutes and be a part of the “Hail Mary” CPR to resuscitate the Deer Park Prairie, an extremely rare, almost pristine prairie remnant, by just watching a video.

Watch the youtube video on The Deer Park Prairie at

Get ALL your friends to watch it too.

Big idea!! Let’s all help this video “go viral” maybe it will attract
the attention of that one person or one group with enough money save it.
Now the count is at 10. Let’s aim for 1 million views.
It’s not that impossible. If we can get 10 people to view the
video and these 10 can get 10 more, in only 6 steps, that’s a million!
In only 7 steps, it’s 10 million!